Gromf helps you to invite friends to your events, without the need to register and without collecting personal data.

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Why use Gromf? - How does it work? - Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Gromf?

  • There is no registration and Gromf doesn't need a password.
  • There are no user profiles. Gromf is really not into personal information.
  • Gromf only asks for e-mail addresses to send invitations, he doesn't even try to remember them.
  • Gromf doesn't care where you have been before, he keeps user information separate for each event.
  • Gromf is hungry and can't wait for more than 30 days after the end of the event to eat all the data. Nothing will be left!

How does it work?

When you create an event and invite people to it, you and all the guests will receive an e-mail with a personal link to the webpage of the event. This link already includes a number to identify the person, that's why there is no need to log in. These identification numbers are automatically created with every new event and with every invitation.
Warning: Gromf’s priority is not to protect data (no passwords, no secure connections), but to make it anonymous and temporary. Don't publish very private information! If you have any queries you can contact me via e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm on gromf.com, where can I see my events?

You can not, because there are no user profiles which could collect your events. You have to open an event page with its link in the invitation e-mail or you can save it as a bookmark in your browser. You may want to use the Gromf app for iOS, which stores your event list locally on the phone.

Why don't I receive any notification when there is something new on my event page?

Gromf stores neither your e-mail address nor any other contact information, so there is no way to let you know.